What is KillFive? Rather, who is Killer? Well, Killer is me, Jessica Bosari. I was laid off in September 2008 and started writing online. I have been doing well for myself, certainly better than I imagined I would. I started this blog to show others how they can do it too.

Why KillFive? My babysitter used to call me Killer, and I like the way the name expresses my single-minded drive to accomplish… well, whatever I’m working on. So here we are with KillFive, encompassing the five things I had to learn to get where I am.


I hope to teach you everything I know to help get you started on a new career that lets you stay home with your kids and express yourself creatively. You’ll have to learn about blogging, writing for the web, finding telecommute writing jobs, SEO Marketing and common bits of code needed to accomplish it all.

Enjoy what you find here. Subscribe to my posts by email, RSS or Twitter. If you would like to send an email, the address is mail@killfive.com. Thanks for coming.



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